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Caitlyn is staying with her parents in Virginia’s Northern Neck region while she is interviewed by a new client. Unfortunately, the afternoon of her arrival skeletal remains are uncovered during an illegal excavation project that borders her parents' new home. Caitlyn is determined to learn the identify of the skeletal remains that appear to be that of a young female. In the meantime, marine biologist Chad Owens has his own mystery of figuring out why a dead zone has developed in the bay. Could the two cases be connected? [Posted Nov. 2017]

One of the fun things about writing is when the characters develop and change the story. It happened in Fatal Dose when Steven Sullivan decided he didn’t want to be the victim, and I had to do a rewrite and figure out another victim! In The Missing Waterman (working title) Bud Higley was developed as a minor character. As I develop the storyline, Bud decided he would play a bigger part. He and his wife Lilla are turning out to be a couple of main characters - characters I had no intention of developing at the start of the book. I’m excited to see where these folks take me. [Posted 12/11/17]

Even bad people have some good attributes, and that is why I have been reworking the first chapter. The point of view changes from Bud Higley’s to Vince Russell’s. Vince is the local developer that is upsetting the quiet community of Ingram, Virginia with his building plans. There are two sides to everything, and so I decided that Vince needed to have his side of the story told. This first chapter will be reviewed by the Old Town Sleuths, my mystery writer colleagues next week. It is then I will find out if my rewrite works!  [Posted 1/2/18]

I’ve received good reviews on the first two chapters - yeah!! Old Town Sleuths pointed out a few minor things that I can easily fix. It is good to have different eyes on your work as readers interpret things in different ways. In chapter two I had a point of view issue. To correct that I was asked, who’s point of view is most important? I am now paying much better attention as I work on the scenes. [Posted 1/14/18]

I’m considering taking the story in a slightly different direction. I think it is too chopped up now, and I need to develop the characters more. I really want my readers to care about the characters. Did I mention that sometimes writing is hard work? :) [Posted 1/24/18]

Caitlyn thought she could investigate and solve the mystery on her own. In fact, she had to, because Ethan wasn’t there. After two failed interview attempts, she understood the importance of their teamwork. Her skills were in observing and being able to put the puzzle pieces in place before anyone else. They were a team. Would Ethan show up in time? [Posted 2/10/18]  


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