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An Unexpected Death: A Caitlyn Jamison Mystery

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This face-paced story is set in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of New York State. Caitlyn Jamison, a graphic artist, is making her way in the Washington, DC area. But when she learns of her cousin’s murder, she’s determined to see justice served. She leaves her comfortable life and travels to New York’s Finger Lakes region where she is faced with her estranged family and painful memories she had long since buried.

Against his better judgment, Sheriff Ethan Ewing acquiesces to Caitlyn’s request to assist in the investigation, though neither expected to be confronted with another murder, environmental issues, politics and fraud as they worked together to solve an unexpected death.

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Fatal Dose: A Caitlyn Jamison Mystery

Graphic artist Caitlyn Jamison is back in scenic Riverview, New York, working on a winery photo shoot—and hoping to reconnect with Sheriff Ethan Ewing. But the sheriff has a serious situation on his hands: an undercover agent posing as a professor disappears on the same morning a college student is found dead. When Caitlyn learns the missing man is her friend’s uncle, and against Ethan’s wishes, she insists on helping with the investigation.

Meanwhile, Caitlyn’s Aunt Myra hears about a different kind of mystery from her friend, retired teacher Verna Adams. Verna is searching for her long-lost brother, who once lived on the abandoned road where the student’s body was discovered. As Riverview’s town historian uncovers the unsettling truth about Verna’s brother, Caitlyn and Ethan defy the town’s officials and keep their investigation going—with dangerous consequences.

The Death of Cassie White

Hours before Caitlyn Jamison arrives at her parent’s home in the Northern Neck of Virginia, skeletal remains are uncovered in the adjacent conservation land. Caitlyn is torn between meeting the demands of her new client and discovering the identity of the victim. When the medical examiner determines the cause of death to be unnatural, Caitlyn is determined to solve the case. 

Caitlyn’s investigation is not without peril, as she learns the small rural town of Ingram, Virginia is full of conspirators. But what are they hiding?

Deadly Secrets

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Caitlyn Jamison arrives in the Adirondack town of Pont-Aven the day a librarian, who is also an environmental activist, is attacked. The town’s residents are in an uproar over a company that plans to build a large commercial building on the town’s prime waterfront property. How far will the residents go to stop it? Caitlyn decides to do her own investigation into the attack, but her investigation takes a turn when a murder is committed. The two crimes don’t seem connected, but her instincts tell her they are. As she delves into the investigation, she learns about the town’s deadly secrets.

In the meantime, FBI Special Agent Ethan Ewing is busy investigating cybercrime cases. After being told about an 1865 newspaper missing from the Library of Congress, Ethan is called to the library’s Packard Campus for a suspected cyber attack. Valuable art and antiquities are also disappearing during shipment. Ethan is challenged to learn how these various thefts are accomplished and are the thefts connected? Is the hacker a youngster in the U.S., or someone living halfway across the world?

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