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About the author:

Mary E. Maki grew up in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York where the first two Caitlyn Jamison mysteries are set. The third Caitlyn Jamison mystery is set in Virginia's Chesapeake Bay area, where Caitlyn’s parents have recently moved into an active adult community. In Deadly Secrets, Caitlyn arrives in the Adirondack town of Pont-Aven the day a library staff member is attacked. 

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Why I write - Happy Thanksgiving

Being an author requires a multi-faceted skill set. A writer needs to have a good grasp of language, creativity, interesting characters and setting, and seat in the chair discipline. When the writer types “The End,” it’s not. Ahead are hours of editing, finding qualified beta readers to go through the polished draft. Does the plot line work? Are the characters believable? The setting? Missing end quotes? Grammar and typos are just a few items a writer hopes beta readers will report on. Then many more hours of editing. The book is finally ready to publish. But how? Once that decision is made, another skill set is required. The writer has to become a marketing expert. And that’s probably the biggest challenge. Getting yourself and your books out there. Sometimes a writer wonders if it is worth the time and effort. But as Thanksgiving approaches, I remember why I write and am thankful for the readers who comment after they’ve read my book. After publishing my first mystery, An Unexpected Death, a reader commented:

“I LOVE the book! First, I love the format. It is easy to read and when I only get a few minutes to read before I fall asleep, I can finish the chapter! Second, the writing is excellent! I knew you were a good writer, but this is phenomenal! Third, the references to things I know are really fun to read: Summit the dog (you have the dog actions down perfect!); the natural therapies for Abby; some of the names "Myra" and many other things. You weave our ordinary life occurrences into the novel seamlessly so it turns out to be authentic reading.”

 The note below was sent from my daughter whose client told her about reading my latest book, Deadly Secrets. These are the reasons I keep writing.

 “I stayed up way too late last night reading your moms book!”  She said she started it at 8:30 to just read a few pages and before she knew it, it was 11:00! She loves it and she wanted me to tell you that she is so in awe that you have had such joy and energy to keep writing in spite of the last 2 years.


In August 2021, I gave an author presentation in Essex, New York. This is the venue. What a serene view of Lake Champlain and the Vermont mountains.

Summit 2

Summit joined the team in October 2014, a month after I started writing An Unexpected Death. Readers love him and he has assisted Caitlyn in solving crimes. My daughter refers to my books as “The Summit Series.” Whatever. I’m just thankful I have so many readers that love the books.

Author Photo Cactus

An author photo that didn’t make the cut. I thought it was the right setting, but it just didn’t do it. 

More about the author:

Mary E. Maki is a member of the Central Rappahannock Regional Library's Fiction Critique Writing Group, Sisters in Crime, and the Sisters in Crime, Connecticut Chapter. She is also her family's historian. She is a member of the Manatee Genealogical Society and the Newtown (CT) Genealogy Club. Her genealogy work has been published in Connecticut Ancestry, the Nutmegger (Connecticut Society of Genealogists), and on the Genealogy Club of Newtown (CT) website. She lives and writes in Portland, Connecticut and Anna Maria Island, Florida.

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